Weekly Word – Capricious

Weekly Word is a weekly post intended to illustrate the meaning and use of a single word. The chosen word will begin with a different letter of the alphabet each week, as Louise (my daughter) and I work our way through the alphabet.

Louise posts on her website:

An Enchanted Place

This week’s word begins with the letter C:



Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour



Audio Link:


Part of Speech:


Related Forms:

Capriciously (adverb)

Capriciousness (noun)

Word Origin: 

Early 17th century from the French capricieux, from the Italian capriccioso  (meaning free and impulsive – used chiefly as a direction in music)


fickle, unpredictable, inconstant, changeable, variable, unstable, mercurial, volatile, erratic, irregular, inconsistent, vacillating, haphazard


stable, consistent, constant

Use the Word in a Sentence:

1.  The old pharaoh had been a cruel and capricious ruler and few people would mourn his passing.pharaoh-1181518_1920


2. The weather changed capriciously during the week and completely ruined our hiking holiday.


4. The capriciousness of Prince John has been portrayed in every Robin Hood film I’ve ever seen.

King John of England, 1167-1216. Illuminated manuscript, De Rege Johanne, 1300-1400. MS Cott. Claud DII, folio 116, British Library. Scanned from the book The National Portrait Gallery History of the Kings and Queens of England by David. Public Domain


If you would like to join us in doing this weekly post, both Louise and I would be happy to see you. You can pick of your own word and illustrate its use in any way you choose (even a short story) or use your chosen word to follow a similar pattern to our posts.

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