Weekly Word – Equanimity

Weekly Word is a weekly post intended to illustrate the meaning and use of a single word. The chosen word will begin with a different letter of the alphabet each week, as Louise (my daughter) and I work our way through the alphabet.

Louise posts on her website:

An Enchanted Place

This week’s word begins with the letter E:



A calm mental state, especially after a shock or disappointment or in a difficult situation; emotional stability or composure so that you never lose your temper or become upset



Audio Link:


Part of Speech:



Calm, calmness, composure, cool, poise, sangfoid, self-possession self-control, aplomb, placidity, balance


Discomposure, anxiety, frustration, doubt, excitableness, alarm, agitation

Related Forms:

Equanimous (adjective)

Word Origin:

Early 17th century (1600-10) from the Latin aequanimitas – which is equivalent to aequ(us), meaning even, plain, equal + anim(us) meaning ‘mind’, spirit, feeling.

Use the Word in a Sentence:

1. Sitting out here, gazing across this beautiful lake, was the only way that Mike could restore his equanimity after his latest row with his wife. How sad to think that their once loving and equanimous relationship had turned so sour.

Image by 畅 苏 from Pixabay

2. Our neighbour was such a kind old man who always exuded an air of equanimity:

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay 

3. No matter how tense or stressed Janet felt after a hard day at the office, a session of yoga was enough to ensure that her equanimity soon returned.

Image by 3333873 from Pixabay


If you would like to join us in doing this weekly post, both Louise and I would be happy to see you. You can pick of your own word and illustrate its use in any way you choose(even a short story) or use your chosen word to follow a similar pattern to our posts.

Image  from Shutterstock

7 thoughts on “Weekly Word – Equanimity

    1. Hello, Molly. Thank you for visiting my recently re-awakened blog. It’s been lying at death’s door for the last 3 years and I thought it was time to bring it back to life. Yes, a good dose of equanimity would go down a treat right now. 😀

  1. Thank you, Jill! I started doing posts like this back in 2015 but having been awol from my blog for so long that I’m only just starting to continue writing my favourite types of post. I used to call this one Word of the Week, and it was linked to another blogger’s site, This one is mine and my daughter’s, so we changed the title to Weekly Word, It’s a fun post to do and, as you say, hopefully educational and informative.

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