Weekly Word – Jaunty

Weekly Word is a weekly post intended to illustrate the meaning and use of a single word. The chosen word will begin with a different letter of the alphabet each week, as Louise (my daughter) and I work our way through the alphabet.

Louise posts on her website:

An Enchanted Place

This week’s word begins with the letter J



1.  Easy and sprightly in manner or bearing; happy and confident

2.  Smartly trim or stylishly chic in clothing:

3. Archaic: genteel


jawn-tee, jahn-tee

Audio Link:


Part of Speech:


Related Forms:

Jauntier (comparative adjective)

Jauntiest (superlative adjective)

Jauntily (adverb)

Jauntiness (noun)


In the sense of sprightly:

carefree, high-spirited, devilish, dashing, jocund, perky, animated, jolly, jovial, cocky, sparky, bold, confident, buoyant, playful, impish

In the sense of smart in dress:

Smart, trim, dapper, stylish, spruce, showy, dashing, chic (a jaunty little hat):

Image by Виктория Бородинова from Pixabay


depressing, cheerless, listless, depressed, lackadaisical, cheerless, sedate, lethargic, inactive

unfashionable, unstylish

Word Origin:

C17 (1655-65) earlier jentee or juntee from the French gentil (noble, gentle or genteel)

Use the Word in a Sentence: 

1.  Mary lifted young Jack onto her back and followed behind his twin brother, Joe, who scampered along jauntily on their way to the fair.

.. Image by Emmie_Norfolk from Pixabay

2.  As they reached the fair, Joe clapped his hands in excitement as the familiar jaunty music of the merry-go-round filled the afternoon air.

Image by Martin Ludlam from Pixabay

3.  The jauntiness in the steps of the three friends spoke of their enjoyment in each other’s company during their hike across the countryside.

Image from Shutterstock


If you would like to join us in doing this weekly post, both Louise and I would be happy to see you. You can pick of your own word and illustrate its use in any way you choose(even a short story) or use your chosen word to follow a similar pattern to our posts.

Image  from Shutterstock

12 thoughts on “Weekly Word – Jaunty

  1. I would never have guessed the connection with the French word “gentil”, interesting! And this is a great word. I should use it more often. And wear more jaunty hats! The image of the jaunty carousel is especially cheerful.

    1. Everyone should have a jaunty hat, or have any old hat and wear it at a jaunty angle (such an overused expression in so many books!). I agree it’s a great word. 😀

  2. Thank you, Shivangi. Yes, the word has a happy sound that I love, too. As far as I can see (i.e. after looking it up :D) the name Jonty is a derivation of the name Jonathan in Hebrew. But it’s a lovely name.

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