Wednesday Word – Acquiesce

It’s a long time since I wrote a post for this topic – which I’m about to rectify.  I really enjoyed doing my Word of the Week posts, and although I was half-way through the alphabet when I stopped posting a couple of years ago (due to restraints on my time while writing my novels) I intend to start again and work my way through the alphabet. My daughter, Louise, is joining me in this and will be posting on her website:

An Enchanted Place.

As we both hope to post every Wednesday the title has changed to Wednesday Word.

This week’s word begins with the letter A:



To accept or agree to something, often unwillingly but without complaint.


ak-wee-es  [æk.wiˈes]

Audio link:


Part of Speech:

Transitive Verb

Related Forms:

Acquiescence (noun)

Acquiescent (adjective)

Acquiescing (present participle)

Word Origin:

In English around 1610-20 > from the Middle French acquiescer > from the Latin acquiescere [ad + quiescere (to be quiet), from quies (rest) ]


Accede, accept, agree, allow, approve, assent, concur, bow to, comply, conform, consent, give in, go along with, submit, yield, resort to, surrender, capitulate


deny, differ, oppose, refuse, reject, decline, disallow

Use the Word in a Sentence:

~ I really didn’t want to spend the day shopping with my wife but her constant nagging caused me to acquiesce.


~ Sister Julia bowed her head in acquiescence of Mother Superior’s orders and hurried away to do her bidding.


~ Lord Henry Mortimer was relieved to find the peasants more acquiescent to his intentions for their village than he’d expected.


To finish off, here’s a very short video of perhaps the most well-known use of the word ACQUIESCE in relatively recent years. It’s from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of he Black Pearl. In this clip the words are spoken by Captain Barbossa to Elizabeth Swan. Later on in the film, Elizabeth throws the same words back at him. The YouTube video is from Английские слова

If anyone would like to join in with this weekly post, both Louise and I would be happy to see you. You can choose a word of your own and illustrate its use in any way you choose (even a short story) or use your chosen word to follow a similar pattern of post to ours to talk about your word.


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