Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3


I’ve  been nominated again for the Three Quotes Challenge, this time by Nitin Chandran Nair on his blog, Nitin Nair Writes. Thank you Nitin! I know Nitin mostly through the flash fiction challenges, even though I have time for very few of those nowadays. Unfortunately.

Here are the RULES for this one:

1. Post on three consecutive days

2. Pick one or three quotes per day

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

For this challenge I’ve decided to post three quotes a day, each day on a different topic.

For Day Three I’ve chosen three inspirational quotes (well, I hope they sound inspirational to you). I think we all need inspiration at times, whether it’s to make the right decision or take the right course of action about something, or in order to pursue a piece of creative work, like writing or painting etcetera. Sometimes it can seem as though all inspiration has deserted us – perhaps only patience will ensure its return.

Anyway, here are the quotes:

Quotes Day 3

Quotes Day 3 (2)

Quote Day 3 (3)

It strikes me as funny that I should have (coincidentally) chosen three images with the background colour of blue for these quotes. Well, I suppose the sky is blue and that ‘great blue yonder’ definitely holds infinite possibilities – as does the vast, blue ocean. Gazing at the sky (or the sea) seems to inspire calm and thoughtfulness in a person -as well as a good dollop of awe – and perhaps it can put us in the right state of mind for inspiration to strike. Of course, inspiration can come at the strangest of times . . . when we’re taking a shower, lying in bed, swimming a few lengths at the pool or just watching TV, for example. But there’s just something about a cornflower blue sky and azure ocean.

As for the quotes, I like them all, but find the second one to be the most thought-provoking and open to interpretation. The last one begs the question of why “perfection is not attainable”. Do you have any views on that statement?

These are my three nominees for today:

Ann – on her blog at Anroworld

White House Red Door

Prabhatks on his blog, Inkyfire.

22 thoughts on “Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3

    1. Thanks, Dawn. I love that one, too. I had a job finding the right doorway to illustrate it, though. In the end, I quite liked the opened door with someone evidently having found ‘opporunity’. 🙂

    1. That’s how it looked to me, too, although I know we could argue the same for many other colours as well -sunshine yellow, for example, or fiery red. Perhaps blue is just a colour that I connect with being in a pensive mood.: )

    1. Thanks for liking them Lynne. 🙂 There are a lot of ‘inspirational’ quotes around. Sometimes it’s hard to pick the ones you like the best. But even more time consuming is finding suitable images to illustrate them. I nearly always resort to Shutterstock (which I pay for) but occasionally I find some on Pixabay (free images).

    1. We can all get ‘hung up’ on the idea of reaching perfection, and it does us no good, in my opinion. (Think of the perfect face, hair or body shape etc. that many people constantly strive for.) It can become quite damaging. I suppose we can all aim for excellence in what we do, though.

  1. I know how much you like doing quotes, Ann. I know it isn’t long since you did your last Quotes Challenge post, so you can always leave this one for a while if need be. Thanks for accepting! 🙂

  2. If perfection were attainable, people would write perfect instructions and everybody would repeat the same perfect steps. What a boring world it would be.

  3. I’m with you re the second quote. Inspirational quotes can pose such insipid thoughts, but this has bite. It reminds me of the idea that when a door closes, somewhere a window could open. I’m paraphrasing because I don’t have the exact wording available at present.

    1. Thank you Hanne. I did this Quotes Challenge a few years ago now, but I still like these quotes. The second one is particularly good and I love the memory it inspired in you. The opening window as a door closes is very thought-provoking. 😀

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