Quotes Challenge – Day 2


I am happy to have once again been nominated to take part in the Quotes Challenge, this time by fellow blogger amommasview over there in Australia. Momma’s posts are always informative and thought-provoking, on topics as varied as health and fitness, kids and homeschooling and environmental issues – plus many more. It was Past Present and Future that Momma chose to do for her Quotes Challenge and for my three quotes I’ve decided to look at the theme of Friends and Friendship – something we all need in our lives.

One of my favourite friendship quotes is believed to come from William Shakespeare in a collection of poems called The Passionate Pilgrim. It isn’t one of the three quotes I’ve picked for the challenge because I’ve decided to write it here as a sort of introduction to the friendship theme instead. I believe that friendship is very important, and good friends can really enrich the quality of our daily lives. Well, this is Shakespeare’s quote:

“Words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find.”

I don’t doubt the saying is true. We can all make ‘fairweather’ friends throughout our lives – those who are happy to be with us when the going is good. But when things get tough…? That’s when we find out who our real friends are.

This was my Friendship Quote for Day 1 . . .

. . . and here’s the one for Day 2:

Third Friendship Quote

I really like this quote, too. It’s a reminder that none of us is perfect. We all have our idiosyncracies, inadequacies and flaws. A good friend may well recognise these and accept them as simply being part-and-parcel of the ‘whole’ us.

The rules for the challenge are simple:

  1. Post three different quotes on consecutive days. They can be from any source, including quotes written/created by yourself.  All three quotes can be of a similar theme (as I have chosen Friendship) or can all be completely different/unrelated.
  2. Nominate 3 people for the challenge. I have chosen to nominate 3 different people each day – making a total of 9 – but some people just nominate 3 altogether. It’s up to you.

These are today’s three nominees:

Amanda at Forestwoodfolkart


Bekki at Dartmoor Yarns


26 thoughts on “Quotes Challenge – Day 2

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Friendship is a theme that affects most of us and our lives. Few people want to live as a recluse. I know it’s something you must have thought about a lot during those dreadful years. Even ‘partners’ need to be our friends.

  1. Thanks for the nomination Millie. You know I love quotes! And I will join in when I get back home.. the wifi here at the beach is not able to handle wpress editor and I only have my phone which is rather difficult to type long sentences on. I’ll check out the other nominees asap.
    The quote you’ve picked is interesting but a bit puzzling too. I have never thought wind is easy (I dont like blustery weather), but on the other hand some friends do “blow in and out” or to use an Aussie expression: “shoot through.”
    The final quote is one I’ve known since I was small. I did not have many books when I was very young so I would read the ones I had over and over. One was a book of sayings and proverbs! And this quote of Hubbard’s is one I remember so well in the little book. It did lead the seven year old me to take it too literally for a while in that I had such high expectations for friends. Life was to teach me otherwise in the following years!!!

  2. I knew you must be away somewhere, Amanda, because you haven’t posted this weeks Proverbial Thursday. The beach sounds wonderful to me right now – it’s grey and windy here with rain forecast for later (just in time for the Lincoln Christmas Market, which opens this afternoon!).
    The first part of the Shakespeare quote is a bit odd, but I think it refers to writing, which came easily to him. I suppose Shakespeare saw the wind /words as something he didn’t have to think about or try hard to find – unlike faithful friends who, he says, are hard to find. Personally, I loathe the wind and totally agree with you. It’s not an easy thing for me to tolerate, so I wouldn’t compare it to writing, which I do love to do.
    I was worried about nominating you for this challenge, because I know you already post quotes on your blog every week. I thought you may think doing more would be a bit OTT. Thank you for accepting, though. 🙂
    I love your little childhood story – how the years can disillusion us all. As you rightly say, many ‘friends’ ‘shoot through’ our lives. I love the Hubbard quote too.
    Just to let you know… I’ve mentioned your Confucius quote about friends on Day 3 of my challenge. It’s not the main quote – just a mention and reference to your post. Hope that’s OK. Enjoy the rest of your break.

  3. Thank you for the nomination. Will get onto it next week. This quote really makes me smile, because it embodies so much of what friendship is about.

  4. So very true a quote not only for Frindship but for any realationship.We,most of the time,have a tendency to see only the bad features and characteristics,and we never think of what magnetised us to certain persons.If we try to find the “perfect”,we will end up alone … Hugs to you dear Millie:)

    1. How true that is, Doda. No one is perfect and as you say, if we befriend only those who we think are perfect, we would end up very much alone. We all make mistakes in life – we’re only human, after all. 🙂

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