Word of the Week (WOW) – Vacuous

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Word of the Week (WOW) is a weekly challenge created by Heena Rathore P. It’s a fun way to improve vocabulary by learning new words every week.

To participate, simply do a post with your word and leave the link as a comment on Heena’s WOW post for this week (above link).

I’m up to the letter V this week so I’ll be looking for a good word beginning with W

So, here is my WOW for this week:





vac·u·ous  (vak-yoo-uh s)

Audio Link: 


Part of Speech: 


Related Forms:

Adverb: vacuously

Noun: vacuousness


1. Lacking intelligence; stupid or empty-headed.

2. Devoid of expression; vacant: a vacuous stare.

3. Lacking substance or meaning; vapid or inane e.g. a vacuous comment.

4. Lacking serious purpose or occupation; idle: e.g. After a night almost devoid of sleep, John had a vacuous day at the office:


5. Devoid of matter; empty: e.g. a vacuous space.

Empty room in Group Omicrone. Author DK dence. Commons
Empty room in Group Omicrone. Author DK dence. Commons


Vapid, stupid, inane, asinine, blank, mindless, meaningless, fatuous, vacant, empty, unintelligent, incommunicative, uncommunicative.



Word Origin:

1640s: empty, from Latin vacuus – empty, void, free (as in vacuum). The figurative sense of ‘empty of ideas’ is from 1848.

Use in a Sentence:

1. John worried that after a few too many cocktails, Erica’s mind would become vacuous:

shutterstock_117742627 2. The demonstrators were chanting particularly vacuous slogans:

3. (Adverb use). At weekends, Kathy gossiped vacuously for hours with her friends:


If you’d like to see more interesting words visit Heena’s page:

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9 thoughts on “Word of the Week (WOW) – Vacuous

    1. Thank you, Ann. I’ve been ‘offline’ (if there is such a word for having no internet) for a week, but I hope to get back to normal soon. I have a lot of things to play catch up on. 🙂

      1. Well, we didn’t have any choice, Ann. The internet is always dodgy in our small village, and it was almost a week before engineers deigned to come out this time! Still, we’re OK now and I’ve stopped grumbling.

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