Fifteen Minutes Late – Picture it and Write

Picture It and Write is a weekly writing challenge, posted every Sunday by Eliabeth, the author of Ermiliablog. The challenge is to write a piece of fiction or a poem in response to the photo prompt supplied by the host.

Here is this week’s photo . . .


and this is my story . . .


‘You have got the ring …?’

‘You asked me that two minutes ago, Rob, and my answer hasn’t changed since then.’ Adrian grinned at his brother, the jittery bridegroom. ‘What kind of best man would I be if I left it behind?’

Robert tugged at the unfamiliar bow tie at his throat: it seemed to be driving him insane. Adrian knew it was all down to nerves; standing before the altar, all eyes fixed on him. The lad from the Council Estate was marrying into money – big money – and was feeling somewhat overawed …

Adrian glanced behind at the wedding guests. The bride’s family were blatantly snubbing the lesser mortals to their right. Adrian hated their supercilious sneers and wondered how Robert would cope with it all, particularly as Anthea’s parents seriously disapproved of her choice of husband.

‘She’s fifteen minutes late already,’ Robert croaked.

‘Probably changed her mind … run off with the butler …’

The sudden commotion put an end to Adrian’s jest. Anthea’s chief bridesmaid was hurtling down the aisle towards the bride’s parents …

Robert yanked off the ridiculous bow tie as all was revealed, a look of utter relief on his face. Anthea had simply changed her mind and run off with the new chauffeur.

‘Drinks are on me,’ Robert yelled, heading towards his smiling mum and dad.


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19 thoughts on “Fifteen Minutes Late – Picture it and Write

  1. She wasn’t for him anyway. I wonder how the Anthea’s parents are going to feel about the chauffeur.

  2. He feels relieved bacause he knew there was something going on. Anthea’s way wasn’t his cup of tea. I think Anthea’s parents are very angry because they paid for the wedding!

  3. Maybe they shouldn’t have thought of getting in the first place…But glad they didn’t marry eventually. Otherwise, it can be troublesome to realise they weren’t made for each other after getting married for a while and file for a divorce 😛 Great story Millie! 😉

    1. You’re right, Khloe, they shouldn’t have been getting married. I was playing on a situation in which things just hadn’t been thought through properly. Perhaps Rob had been swept away by a ‘whirlwind romance’. As for Anthea . . . It’s just as well she chose to show her true colour before the ceremony! Thank you, yet again, Khloe, for liking my story. 🙂

      1. You’re welcome as always Millie 😉 I loved how you made the story end differently. It always amazed by how creative you are when it comes to writing. 😉

  4. Hahaha I loved this line – “The bride’s family were blatantly snubbing the lesser mortals to their right.” They’re just sooooo superior! Well, good luck with their chauffeur son-in-law! 😛 Thanks for contributing this week, Millie. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

  5. A narrow escape for Rob if you ask me Millie ~ Anthea was obviously a flghty, flirty sort of a person, ~ No wonder you wove a sense of relief into his reaction ~ 🙂 A great response my friend ~

    1. Thank you, John. Rob was definitely relieved – which isn’t surprising with the prospect of a snooty family like Anthea’s as prospective in-laws. It’s just a pity he didn’t opt out a litrtle earlier. 🙂

  6. Millie, I like how you built the suspense in this short piece. The tugging at the tie, the brother trying to calm the bridegroom when we’re all starting to feel like something is wrong, the feel of eyes boring into his back–all nice details that build your setting and tone. The turn at the end, of Rob being relieved was a twist I wasn’t looking for, and made me snort and grin.

    1. Thank you, Mara. I almost had Rob being the one to chicken out but didn’t want to give that snooty bunch further grounds to whinge about him. This way, their own daughter caused them to waste all that money on a posh wedding. I’m glad you had a good old snort! 🙂

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