Resolutions, Book Reviews And The Weather


During this past week many bloggers have written about New Year resolutions. Several, I note, have decided not to bother with any at all since they profess an inability to keep them. Probably a wise decision, then.

I rarely make resolutions, myself. Not that I don’t admire the determination of those who do – however long that determination may last for.  I’ve got as far as telling myself I’ll do this or that in the coming year, but it’s always been a half-hearted gesture. I suppose I’m fortunate in not needing to lose weight or give up smoking. I’ve never smoked in my life and, according to my husband, I need to put a good stone on! But I know there are lots of other things in which I could show real resolve.

This year I have made one big resolution: to finish the last book of my trilogy. With Book 2 now on Amazon, I need to concentrate on getting Book 3 completed. Then I’ll start on something completely new, although it will still be historical fiction (something I am addicted to!).

Starting a blog on WordPress just over five months ago was one of the best things I did in 2014. I’ve met so many lovely people and have been nominated for two awards, though I’ve still to put my Sisterhood of Bloggers Award on display. I haven’t managed to blog very often, however. I aimed for once a week at first and over Christmas, after finishing Book 2, I managed to do a few extra posts. But I’ll never make a power blogger! My writing time is precious to me, so I just fit in whatever else I can.

Two of my fellow bloggers have reviewed my first book, Shadow of the Raven on their blogs, and I am really grateful to them for that. Both of these people have lovely blogs, with lots of great photos as well as informative posts on a variety of subjects.

The first was in November by the wonderful JF on his blog PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.  He also mentioned my book again yesterday, in his summary of  2014. Thank you JF!

Today came  a second review by a lovely Australian lady, Christine J. Randall, on her blog, Christine R. Thank you, Christine, for the really thorough job you made of it!

I can’t thank these two people enough for the kind things they say about my book. My offer of a free copy of Shadow of the Raven in exchange for an honest review still stands. Two other bloggers have also taken up the offer. My email address is on this page. Just let me know whether you need an ePub or Mobi file, or even a pdf.

Since JF reviewed the book in November, I’ve changed the cover to the one now shown here.  Here are the two different covers. The old one is the very blue one. I’ve also added a couple of much-needed maps to both Book 1 and Book 2, Pit of Vipers.

book cover trimmed

Shadow of the Raven (Medium)

Well, next week things will really get back to normal. Most schools here open again on Monday or Tuesday, so that’s holidays over until half-term at the end of February. The weather has been cold again today. (I’m English, so bear with me whilst I wallow in the nation’s preferred topic of conversation.) After having sunshine and 9°C a few days ago, yesterday was miserably grey, and it poured down before brightening up by late afternoon to give very clear skies  – which revealed an amazing full moon and a cloudless sky. Naturally, temperatures plummeted to -5°C and it continued to be freezing all morning. It’s always pretty, though, to see sunshine glistening on the frost.

But I still prefer to be warm! The first picture of me was taken at Wayland’s Smithy in Oxfordshire in June, and the second one in Lincoln (left) with husband, Nick, and Auntie Joan in August. They show how I like the weather to be:

Mum's Wantage pctures 016

Mum, Dad and Joan

Life in Britain can never be truly boring. We always have the weather to talk about – fickle as it is.

20 thoughts on “Resolutions, Book Reviews And The Weather

    1. Thank you, Alex. I really enjoy blogging. I just wish I had more time to do it! I enjoy reading your very informative posts, too. They’re so useful to writers just starting out.

  1. Hello there! I’d love to read and review your book at a later point when I’ve crossed a few more books off my mahoosive list- and of course I would let you know when I did ☺
    Agree with you about British weather ugh ☔

    1. That’s great, Scribbley! I know you’re pushed right now. Most people who offer to do reviews get absolutely inundated with requests. If you could fit mine in at some stage in the future I’d be very grateful. I’ll just leave it to you to say when. Thank you so much for the offer!
      As for the weather, we’ll have to just grin and bear it – with the odd moan now and then!

  2. I love the titles and the covers of your books, Millie. They truly reflect the reading pleasure to come. I haven’t read Pit of Vipers yet, but can only imagine it is as good as Shadow of the Raven.
    I’ve always had a soft spot for historical fiction, even though I mainly read fantasy. Who am I kidding – I’m a compulsive reader – all genres are fair game! I look forward to seeing you on your blog now and then in 2015. 🙂

    1. I read most genres as well. I’ve read a lot of fantasy over the years, and Shadow of the Raven started life as a fantasy. I really liked it, too, and miss some of the scenes I wrote for it. I eventually decided that Alfred the Great wasn’t a very plausible fantasy character. I also love crime / detective novels – modern or historical. But, like you, I’ll generally try most things. I’ll look forward to seeing you on your blog in 2015, too.

  3. Hi Millie. It’s a shame Amazon bumped you up from a $2.99 price point. I recall hearing that Amazon offers significantly higher royalties for books priced under $3.00. Is that still true/was it ever true?

  4. Millie, you are one of the most fascinating people I’ve met on WordPress. And we started blogging at the same time. I’m starting to think that God is attaching to certain people to let me know the direction I’m headed. You are SO cool. ALL THE BEST on your final book of the trilogy and beginning a brand new set

    1. Thank you for those lovely compliments, Ashley. I didn’t realise we were ‘newbies’ together! You write very interesting and, sometimes, hard-hitting posts about issues you feel passionate about. I admire you for that. I know your faith propels you on and makes you stand up for what you really believe in. Now, to me, THAT is cool! Thank you for your best wishes about my book. They’re much appreciated. I’m sure we’ll chat again soon.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m quite excited about writing this third book. With a trilogy, the third book is like the last third of a single novel, in a way, and all the different threads must be drawn together for a final resolution. (Listen to me! I’ve never written a trilogy before, so this is just how I see it to be!) I’ve certainly picked up lots of writing tips along my journey and hope Book 3 will be good. I suppose that’s all down to me . . . !
      Hope all is OK with you and that 2015 is treating you well so far. Your lovely comment was much appreciated, as always.

      1. You’re most welcome Millie! 🙂 Although I’m not a huge fan of reading books, I started to like more in these few years. I’m also very excited for your third book. Even though I don’t have experience in writing any books, I know it’s never easy to write a book. It needs a lot of time and efforts to do so. I’m very proud of you. 😉 I’m sure it is a good book and can’t wait to hear more good news from you. Well, it hasn’t been too well for me in the past few weeks since I was busy for my uncle’s funeral and my mood has greatly affected by that. However, my mood has become better now and trying to get back to WordPress. Anyway, thank you very much for asking. Blessings to you ❤

      2. Yes, you had a very difficult time for a while. I’m glad you’re feeling a little better now, though. It just takes time to come to terms with things. I’ll look forward to your next post – and your yoga positions! Blessings to you, too, Khloe.

      3. Thank you very much for all the support you all have given me! 😉 WP is definitely a supportive community. 🙂 Thank again! I’m working on a digital artwork now and hopefully I’ll be able to post it this week. hahaha Yes, yoga is good and it does help me too 😛 Take care Millie!

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