A Winter Walk


We actually had some snow on Boxing Day. The first flakes began to fall in the early evening – very large ones – and within a short while the ground was white. I don’t know at what time it stopped but it had eased off by the time we went to bed and we’ve had no falls since.

I know that what we’ve had here this year is nothing compared to what you people in the U.S.A. and Canada have had for weeks. Most likely other parts of Northern Europe have been the same. In England, the particular fall we had around Lincoln seems to have been limited to more southerly regions, further north having escaped it this time round. The lanes around our house have been really icy, even those which carry traffic, because the gritting lorries don’t come out to most villages. And ours is a very small village, consisting of only eighty houses, a church and an old hall – although it’s no longer owned by local ‘gentry’.

Now we have ‘the freeze’. The two days since the snowfall have been very cold, with night-time temperatures dropping well below freezing. Of course it’s been nothing like the temperatures of 2010, which really was ‘The Big Freeze’. Then, -17°C was the norm for weeks. But when I went out for my walk at nine this morning it was still only -3°, which seemed pretty cold to me.

I was attempting to take a few photos along my route, but my hands were so cold I knew before I even looked at them, they’d be abysmal. I’m no photographer, even when my hands are warm! I leave all that to one of my daughters, who is excellent and well experienced at it. I usually stand out of the way and let her get on with it. But I was on my own today. Anyway, here are a few of them:

The ‘header’ picture is of our little village church, St. Helena’s, which is a Grade 1 listed building, dating back to the eleventh century. It is a little more than a hundred yards from our house. I must add that this is a very limited view of it, taken from the lane as I passed this morning.

I took lots more photos, of course, but many are very similar in outlook and I don’t want to bore anyone to death. So I’ll leave it at that. No doubt I’ll get the big critique from my daughter, Louise, when she sees them. But I just wanted to show the frozen landscape and how pretty it looked. The sky was so blue and the snow and ice glistened in the sun. It was very slippery underfoot in places, but then, I rarely keep to ‘the beaten track’. Even though the sun was out, it had done little to raise the temperature and melt the pockets of ice along the lanes.

It will soon be 2015 and I’m not sure whether I’ll post again this year. So I’ll just wish everyone a very Happy New Year now. May the year be a good one for you all.

18 thoughts on “A Winter Walk

  1. Well, Millie, thank you for the perspective the pictures give me…

    I live in southwestern Ohio, in the USA, and we’ve had abnormal winters for at least the last five years—not enough snow…

    Still, when it does snow, since I live in a suburb with some major roads and many shops, the sidewalks have all the snow from the roads and the driveways of the shops plowed-up onto the sidewalks, making any trip on foot a supreme chore…

    When I was a child, folks cleared the sidewalks…

    Now, the shop owners actually have a law that protects them from injury suits, if they don’t clear away the snow!

    The snow shall remain and if you fall, it’s Your Fault.


    1. Hi Alex. I’m just in the middle of reading your post, so I’d better be quick with this! I certainly know what you mean about injury claims and law suits with regard to snow-clearance. The situation is exactly the same over here. When I was a child, and even much later, everyone cleared the paths in front of their own houses, out of common courtesy to others. Now people are much more wary about doing so. In little villages like ours though, most people just continue as they have done for years – thank goodness. I know it may be a different matter if someone slipped and subsequently sued, though. I still think there’s something very sad about the way society has gone with all these claims.

  2. These photos might look a bit alike to you and your daughter, but it looked very different and unique to me. 🙂 I seriously loved all these photos simply because they were truly beautiful. Wish you a Happy New Year with hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come ❤

  3. Happy New Year, Millie. I hope 2015 brings you everything you want (within reason!) And as to these glorious photographs – I looked at every one full screen and they are wonderful. I’m glad you didn’t fall into that ditch. The sunlight on the horse and the hedge is breath-taking and all your horizons are straight. Nope, I couldn’t see anything wrong with them.

    I’m working on that promised book review for the Shadow of the Raven, Millie. I’ll picture your new cover with it on my blog post. Your books are also available on Amazon Australia – there is an excellent review there, too, for Book One. ❤

    I have just purchased Pit of Vipers: Sons of Kings: Book Two. Can't wait to read it. ❤

    1. Wow, from an experienced photographer like you, such compliments about my photos mean a lot! Thank you, Christine. The snow has gone now, so I took the pics just in time.
      Thank you also for still wanting to review my Book1 and buying the second. I think the review on Amazon.au is the one by Jennifer Cameron-Smith, who has asked to review Book 2 when it comes out. She reviewed Book 1 months ago, and I’ve kept her waiting longer than I expected for the second. You didn’t need to buy it, by the way. I would have sent you a copy in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, anyway.
      Have you had any more thoughts about the Award? I know you were hovering, but I’m sure you could answer the questions really well. Almost finishing your book is really something to be proud of. But, it’s obviously up to you. Have a great 2015.

      1. I really don’t know why people think I’m experienced – I keep telling everyone that I’m a strictly ‘point and shoot’ photographer! I know a bit about composition from my arty days, so that helps, I suppose. As to Book Two, I know you would have sent me a review copy but I wanted to buy it because I know I’m going to love it and my review will carry more weight as a confirmed buyer. I perused the award questions yesterday, and think I can do something with them. 🙂

      2. I’m so glad you’re going to do the award, Christine, and can’t wait to read your responses. About my books . . . Thanks a million for buying Book 2. (I’m about to email you, so perhaps you could check a little later on.)
        Well, it’s 2015. Let’s hope it’s a good year fro everyone.

  4. I really enjoyed this walk with you ☺ thank you for spreading the sunshine! Especially love the horse in field 😉

    1. Thank you, Julia! The snow’s gone already and the temperature has risen to 9 degrees! It’s positively balmy today. I’m hoping for a an early spring now. Haha!

      1. Sweet! Lucky you ☺ we had an unseasonably warm holiday yet winter’s back full force minus the snow. C-c-c-cold! Lol

  5. Hi Millie, I really love the pictures and imagined you taking the pictures with cold trembling hands. 🙂
    Come to Brisbane – it is nice and hot! Happy New Year back and best wishes for a terrific 2015.

    1. I know it’s hot in Brisbane – and I’m so jealoius of you right now! Although I love the look of snowy days, I’m a real ‘hot-house flower’ according to my husband. I do feel the cold. I also love Brisbane. We visited the wonderful Bonsai House at Mt. Coot-tha when we were there. I’ve never seen so many huge bonsai before. We had almost a month in that area and there were still lots of things I’d like to see. Perhaps when I’ve finished Book 3 (if we save up enpugh for another trip)! Belated Happy New Year to you and your sons.

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