Blog Award Time (1): Dragon’s Loyalty Award


Once again I am delighted to have received two more blog awards, and am very grateful to the wonderful bloggers who nominated me. I’ll respond to the first one I received in this post and the second one in another.

This is the first one. Now isn’t that pretty. . . ?


I was nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by the amazing blogger Aquileana. For anyone who loves Greek Mythology, Aquileana’s blog is an absolute must. Her posts are incredible, so informative and visually brilliant. Aquileana is extremely knowledgeable in her subject and I’ve learnt so much from reading her posts. I’m so glad I found her and recommend you all to take a look at her site. Thank you so much for the nomination, Aquileana!

So here are the Rules:shutterstock_1527880701. Display the award on your blog.  Done

2. Announce your win with a post and link to the blogger who nominated you.  Partly done

3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.

4. Link to your awardees in the post.

5.  Write 7 things about you.

Before I do Q’s. 3 and  4, I’ll answer Q.5 – Facts/things about me (if I can think of anything remotely interesting that I haven’t already shared in previous award posts!).

Well, here goes…

shutterstock_1283682951. I detest snakes. I’ve written about my great fear of sharks in previous posts, but this phobia is a little different. My fear of sharks makes me very nervous when I’m swimming in the sea – and I love to swim and go out snorkelling.  With snakes it’s more of a visual thing  . . . something about the way they slither along, and those forked tongues that flick in and out! It’s more of a revulsion with snakes than the great fear of being eaten by a shark. They just make me shudder – especially when there are a lot of them, all writhing and slithering about (as in that Indiana Jones film (youtube scene shown here –  I did note the spelling of Indiana in the title):

It’s a pity they don’t all look like this little fellow who just popped over from Pixabay.


2. The Blue Danube Waltz, composed in 1866 by Austrian composer Johann II, is one of my favourite pieces of music. I love the whole, dreamy sound of it, as it conjures up images of that magnificent river. I’ve even inflicted the music on my Year 8 students on several occasions. It’s an ideal piece to use in geography lessons to illustrate the characteristic features of the three sections of a river: upper, middle and lower courses. Geography lesson ends here, but here is a video I found for anyone who hasn’t heard of The Blue Danube Waltz. I specifically picked this one from amongst many because it has views of the beautiful River Danube:

3. I’m waiting impatiently for the return of Poldark, the BBC TV series set in 18th century Cornwall. I watched the first version of the serialisation of the novels – written by Winston Graham – in the mid 1970’s. and in black and white. We had no colour TV in those days. Still, I loved it, and was sure I really wouldn’t like this new version when Series One came on last year. But I found this new version excellent and have been longing for Series Two. Not long now . . .

4. One of my favourite genres is Crime/Murder Mystery, and I like it even better when it has an historical setting. There are many authors I like who write Historical Who-Done-Its, and I don’t have any preference for time period, or country of setting. Most of the ones I read tend to be set inBrtain, but I’ve enjoyed some set in many other places as well. Most are a very light read, which is fine, considering my only reading time tends to be last thing at night.

5. One of the books I really want to write (amongst several others!) is one set in the 1950s. You know . . . the time period of the novel and TV series, Call the Midwife (post WW2). Advice to authors is often to ‘write about what you know’.  Well, I was a child in that decade, and remember a lot about it. Whether I’ll base the book on memoirs, or go for something purely fictional, I don’t know. Right now, I think it’s likely to be the latter. But images and smells of school dinners of that time will never disappear.

6. I’d much rather sail than fly when going on holiday. I have no fear of flying or anything, I just prefer the freedom of being able to walk around on a ship instead of being seated all the time. I’m the restless type, you see. I’ve never been on a long cruise, and am not sure I’d want to. But we’ve been to Ireland, Denmark and across the English Channel to France on ferries, which I really enjoyed. But… flying is so much quicker.

7. Last one… I’m struggling here. I hate getting ‘dressed up’, and make up is a no-no. It’s really not me. I’ve had to dress up on occassion, of course, but I usually can’t wait to get back into my jeans and go out for a long walk. Yes, I’m a real party pooper.

These are my 6 nominees:


I. Joy Pixley – a great fantasy writer. Joy is currently finishing off her book, set in Eneana, right now. She did brilliantly in NaNoWriMo, and I have every admiration for her hard work and determination. The book promises to be fascinating.

2. Lina – who has a great cookery blog, but who also writes lovely short stories and has recently started to participate in flash fiction (FFFAW).

3. Yinglan – a prolific and successful blogger, who mostly participates in writing challenges. Her stories are always interesting and show great imagination. I believe Yinglan also aims to write her own book one day.

4. Tracey-Lynne – an talented aspiring author, who has recently returned to Blogland after a short break. Tracey is now taking part in falsh fiction challenges as well as continuing to write her own short poems and stories.

5. Gavin Zanker – another talented writer who will be publishing his first book early this year. How exciting is that!