Book Reviews, Book Promotions And A Hint of Spring


All writers know the value of reviews to the success of their books. Yet most readers don’t review- even if they’ve really enjoyed the book – for a variety of reasons. Time is always a factor in the hectic, modern world. There are some people, of course, who simply don’t like the idea, or aren’t comfortable expressing their thoughts for others to read. Perhaps they feel daunted when they see the long, detailed reviews done by Amazon top reviewers and professional editors. Yet even short, to the point reviews are greatly appreciated by authors. Every single one adds to that all-important number that shows up on Amazon or other online retailers.

That said, from today, Saturday 20th February, until Wednesday the 24th, the first book of my Sons of Kings Trilogy will be free on Amazon. It’s entitled, Shadow of the Raven. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m about to say that I would be very grateful for an honest review from anyone who might read it. I’ve set up a few advertising features for these five days, so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens. The trouble is, advertising opportunities seem few and far between in the UK – all of mine are in the US. If anyone knows of any good UK advertising site, I’d really appreciate the contact addresses.

Here are the front covers of the two books of my trilogy so far:

Pit of Vipers Final (Medium)Shadow of the Raven (Medium)









Since Christmas I’ve had two reviews of Book 2, Pit of Vipers, posted on WordPress blogs. One is from the lovely, New York blogger, JF, on his blog Pursuit of Happiness. The link is to the actual review.

The other blogger was across the other side of the world, in Australia. ChristineR

These two bloggers have read and reviewed both of my books on their blogs now, for which I am incredibly grateful. Christine has also put both on Amazon, which is more than appreciated!

Well, over the last week or so we’ve been hearing a great deal about the Arctic weather conditions over in the north-eastern areas of the US and in Canada. Newsreels have given us glimpses of the frozen Niagara and snow-packed streets and highways. Travelling must be a nightmare. All we can do is sympathise – and hope similar conditions don’t visit us!

Here in Nottinghamshire, the weather has been dull in the most part, with just a few bursts of sunshine. But it’s quite mild, for February. Buds on spring flowers are swelling, a few even opening up fully. In our garden we have a few daffodils open and a handful of crocuses.


Snowdrops will be coming to an end soon. Everything sings of the hint of spring, even the noisy little sparrows – and that’s how I intend to think of it. Look forward, not backward. Positive thoughts in all things . . .