One Day Spent In Malta… Already!


We’ve been in Malta since 12.30 pm yesterday, Saturday, and I can tell you, I’m loving the sunshine! Today, temperatures hit 37° in Bugibba, where we’re staying. Not quite as high as the 40-45° we had in Andalucía in May, but still very hot after the miserable weather we’ve had at home most of the summer.

So far we’ve not been too far on the island. We spent the morning by the pool and I had a nice long swim… well, as nice as it can be will lots of people in there. This afternoon we had a walk along what we’d call a ‘promenade’ at home – i.e. along the seafront. So I just thought I’d post a few photos of the hotel and town…

But first, I’m putting up a few snaps of the hotel we stayed at near to Gatwick airport, before flying out here. It’s one of the Millennium  group of hotels, and it’s at the village of Copthorne. We’ve stayed there a few times and always leave the car there. It’s nice and old, and it has a swimming pool – always a bonus for me. Regular shuttle buses run back and forth to the airport, or the hotel will organise taxis on request – which we usually do. It’s a fifteen minute ride. Anyway, here are a few pictures I took when we went down for a meal. It was dark by then, and the polished floors really gleamed! This first photo is of a screen in the reception area with some information about the history of the hotel. It moved from one image to another quickly, and I had a bit of a job catching it – so excuse the poor alignment. (Click on it if it isn’t readable.):


Here are a few of the other photos I took:

And now to Malta…  These are a few photos from our apartment windows in Bugibba, Malta. They were taken at different times, some mid-afternoon, some at sunset, and one just after sunsrise this morning. (We are facing north).

These photos were taken along the promenade/sea front this afternoon. Two show views up  typical Maltese side streets; others show shops selling ‘seaside’ goods, or offering a variety of excursions. There were lots of places selling ice creams – with almost as many flavours as we saw in Italy!

We took so many photos today, far too many to show here. Tomorrow we’re going to lovely Valletta. We spend a lot of our time there because it’s just amazing. Bugibba’s OK as a base, but it’s not the best place for us. We got this time share years ago, and it’s handy to have. But we’d much rather be in Valletta…