King of the Anglo Saxons


Sons of Kings: Book Four

Following Guthrum’s crushing defeat at Edington, Alfred’s kingdom is enjoying a rare period of peace. Alfred is ageing. Bouts of his old illness are increasingly frequent, and he prays that his final years will be free of Viking raids, allowing him to concentrate on expanding his kingdom’s boundaries and improving its standard of learning. Scholars are summoned from near and far, amongst them a certain Welsh abbot named Asser.

Ongoing peace is no certainty, however, and Alfred continues to improve his defences. An attack on Rochester proves that Wessex is still far from safe… whilst also confirming the effectiveness of Alfred’s newly fortified towns and mobile armies. The arrival of a huge Norse army puts those defences to the test. Its devious leader does not easily give up and the conflict becomes a trial of will and wits between him and Alfred’s staunch ealdormen, one of whom is Eadwulf’s son, Aethelred.

While Aethelred pursues his role as Lord of the Mercians, Eadwulf settles back in Aros. Old friendships are rekindled, new ones are formed, and a situation in al-Andalus takes Eadwulf, Bjorn and their comrades on another dangerous quest across the sea.

But will this new life be enough to stop Eadwulf missing his children and friends back in Mercia?

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5 star review for King of the Anglo Saxons

  • For those, like me, who have followed the story of these two men from the beginning, this final volume is a very satisfying tying up of all the threads. Ms Thom’s knowledge of this turbulent time in history shines through and her characters, as always, come across as rounded, real people. I was very sad to say goodbye to them but their story arcs have all been completed perfectly. Alfred’s reign was not all about the Danish wars and we see again the man, not just the king, as he interacts with his growing family. A fitting end to a fine series. ~ Whitey, Amazon Reviewer

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10 thoughts on “King of the Anglo Saxons

  1. Hello again, Ineke. Yes, writing the four books has taken a few years, and I feel really guilty for neglecting my blog for so long. I’ve had a few attempts at ‘returning’ but have never managed to stay for long. Now, at last, I’m happy that King Alfred’s life story is told and I can focus on other things.
    I’m still writing flash fiction, although I need to check up on which challenges are still going. How about you? Are you still writing your flash fiction? Thank you for buying my book – although I’m not sure whether you mean it’s Wyvern of Wessex of King of the Anglo Saxons you’ve bought. Either way, I really appreciate it.
    I hope you are well and keeping safe, too. I know NZ has been able to lift some of its restrictions, so I imagine you’re happy about that. It’s been a crazy few months for us all.

    1. Thank you so much, Inese! That’s very kind of you. Getting that book finally published is the reason why I can now get back to my blog. It’s taking time to resurrect, but it had gone into a real state of ruin during the 3 years when I wrote 3 or 4 posts!. Even now I’m struggling to find time to write blog posts and do the necessary research for my next book – which will be set in the early 17th century. 😀

      1. Oh I look forward to reading your new book, Millie. I am already engrossed in Book 4. I love your blog too, you always take me to some amazing places and events. X

      2. Thank you for that wonderful comment, Inese. I’m trying hard to get my blog going again, but it is time consuming and I’m attempting to finish the research for my next book and start writing it! Like you, I love doing travel posts but they take the longest to do! I’ll plod on and hope for the bet. I also hope you are keeping safe and well during this awful year. And thank you so much for reading Book 4. I really miss my characters and feel a little bereft without them. Lol… ❤

      3. Millie – I started reading and realised that I have forgotten a lot. So I closed the book and started all over again, from the book #1 🙂 I couldn’t be happier to meet my beloved characters again 🙂 Thank you for the joy!

      4. Goodness, Inese, they are all long books, and it will take you ages to read them all again! Lol I’me really grateful to you for reading them in the first place, and only hope you can find the time to re-read. 😀

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