Why Was King Alfred So Great?

I thought I’d share this Guest Post, so kindly posted by Jason, theopinionatedman, on his blog, Harsh Reality. Thank you, Jason! As one of the two main characters in my trilogy, I’ve lived with King Alfred for a few years now and decided to write a little about his ‘greatness’. So here it is…

10 thoughts on “Why Was King Alfred So Great?

  1. Another great post that taught me more history — thanks, Millie! Fumy, the first few times I saw this post title, I thought it said, “Was King Alfred so Great?” It reminds me that all of those sobriquets are up for debate. Who is really brave. or just, or fair, etc, except that someone said it often enough about this particular person until that label stuck, above all others? Fascinating stuff.

    Also, I’d never heard of the burnt cakes or the spider in the cave. What odd.little pieces of folklore!

  2. Congratulations on the guest post Millie! I have never thought about how many men have been given that title. It was interesting to learn more about King Alfred and why he is one of the few.

      1. King Alfred is one of the two protagonists throughout the trilogy. In Book One, Alfred is only a child, and he becomes king by the end of Book Two. In Book Three he really takes on his role as king in his battle against the Danes. I was hoping to finish that book this year, but it will be early next year now, I think.

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