My Internet Got Up and Went!


Today (Saturday) is the first day I’ve had Internet connection for almost a week! So this is just a quick apology to all those people whose blogs I generally read regularly. I’ll do my best to get to everyone over the next week, but I can’t promise to read every post I’ve missed. Thank you so much to all the people who commented on my Caernarfon post of last Sunday. I’ll reply to them asap.

Needless to say, I’m more than annoyed about this – to be honest, I’ve been tearing my hair out, at times. Internet connection is always dodgy in this small village but we’ve only been without it for this long once before. I drove out to a local restaurant (a Brewers Faye) on Tuesday just to check on emails, but I could hardly sit there all day blogging. Besides, there’s only so much lemonade I can stomach!

My Word of the Week posts are now a week behind Heena’s (challenge organiser) so I’ll have to catch up by doing two at some stage. I also missed out on FFfAW, which is the only flash fiction I do nowadays because of time – or lack of it – while I’m writing Book 3. Not to mention other posts I had planned.

Ah well…these things are sent to try us. Here’s one of the roses in my garden which cheers me up: