Promises Made – Flash Fiction

The auburn-haired girl cowered behind a rickety old fence, swallowing back whimpers that threatened to erupt. Dan was out there, scouring the land with his men; hunting her down like vermin to be exterminated. Though he’d loved her once, she repulsed him now.

She sniffed the night air, weighing her chances if she ran. She knew Dan’s scent so well; if he were close, she would know. But where she’d go and how she’d survive, she had no idea.

Strong hands suddenly grabbed her, yanking her to her feet and shaking her as a dog might do with a captured hare. Anger surged as she gasped for breath, promises to ignore her new-found powers forgotten.

Sharp claws emerged to tear at his eyes, while long white fangs sank into his neck. This man’s death would give Dan further evidence of her failure to control the changes – and of the need to terminate her.

She licked the blood from her hands, watching as they became the familiar red-furred forepaws. Her upper body dropped forward, and uttering a low whine at what she’d become, the red wolf loped away, heading for the heart of the forest, far away from the world of man.

6 thoughts on “Promises Made – Flash Fiction

  1. I like your use of the word “terminate” rather than “kill” – in his eyes she’s no more than vermin now.
    Maybe she’ll find others of her kind deep in the woods. Nice one!

  2. Your story about transformation has depths that must be explored. You say a lot about humans and their pains in this short piece. This is a subtle werewolf fantasy that touches on the fight for survival and the loss that this fight necessitates.

  3. It’s definitely a fascinating theme that opens doors to many possibilities. I agree, it would be useful to explore the girl/werewolf’s future and how she survives in the forest, or wherever else she may go. Unfortunately, I’d probably need to extend this piece of flash fiction to a full-length novel to do that! Lol Thank you for your insightful comment, Hanne. 😀

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