Book Promotion: A Dash of Flash is Free on Amazon!

Just to let you know that the eBook version of my flash fiction / very short stories book, A Dash of Flash, will be free on Amazon until Sunday, July 16.

Many of the 85 stories have been published on my blog but several were written just for the book. Almost two-thirds of the stories are accompanied by colourful images, although they are not the prompts provided by the challenges.

Honest reviews on Amazon and/or Goodreads would be SO MUCH appreciated. I’d also love to hear what you think! These are snippets from the reviews I’ve had so far:

a unique collection of short stories…something for everyone

so many delightful characters and plot situations all in the small space called flash fiction. This book is a joy to read, the stories brief, interesting, and cleverly composed

 I loved the variety of stories. This, together with the ultra-short length of the stories, really keep your attention.

Links to my book on Amazon are in the side bar to the right ————–> then up a bit –^

About milliethom

I am a reader and writer of historical fiction with a keen interest in the Earth's history and all it involves, both physically and socially. I like nothing better than to be outdoors, especially in faraway places, and baking is something I do when my eyes need respite from my computer screen.
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44 Responses to Book Promotion: A Dash of Flash is Free on Amazon!

  1. r_prab says:

    Wow! Thankyou so much! I will read it from today itself!! ☺ Congratulations 💐💐💐 !!

    • milliethom says:

      Thank you so much, Prabhat! I rarely promote this book as I tend to concentrate on my others. I thought I’d give this one a go for a change. 😀 I hope you are keeping well and happy and your job is going well for you. Best wishes to you, whatever you’re doing. 😀

  2. leggypeggy says:

    Thanks Millie. Will download in the morning.

    • milliethom says:

      Thank you for that, Peggy! I really appreciate it. It won’t take long to read and, because it’s a collection of flash stories, it’s a book that can be read in short bursts without spoiling the flow.

  3. MG WELLS says:

    Best wishes, Millie. Tweeted it out.

  4. writenlive says:

    Thank you, Millie! I would love to read!

  5. draliman says:

    Cool, I’ll check it out 🙂

    • milliethom says:

      That’s really nice of you, Ali. I’ll be sure to return the favour when you eventually get round to publishing your own book, Your hilarious stories should be a real hit! 😀

  6. Shivangi says:

    Thank you Millie… will download 😀

    • milliethom says:

      I really appreciate that, Shivangi. As you know from writing your own books, the number of downloads are so important to getting a book ‘seen’ on Amazon. Have you had your book free at any time? 😀

  7. anroworld says:

    Wow, great news!

  8. milliethom says:

    Thanks, Ann. 🙂 This is the first time I’ve really tried to promote A Dash of Flash, so it’s pot luck regarding how well it goes. I’m also looking forward to reading your book when you publish it. 😀

  9. Aquileana says:

    Excellent dear Millie… Just downloaded it… I know I´ll love your book… You are a great writer! … Love & best wishes 💌🔺

  10. milliethom says:

    Thanks a million for downloading it, Aquileana! I really appreciate it and hope you like at least most of the stories. I realise some will appeal more than others, and it will vary with different readers. We all have different tastes! Love and best wishes to you, too. ❤

  11. Wow, congrats 😀
    Thank you so much for sharing, can’t wait to read it ❤

  12. milliethom says:

    Oh, thank you so much, Galit! And here I am, waiting for your book to be published. 😀 ‘A Dash of Flash’ has been published a while now but I’ve never actively promoted it much before. I hope you like it! I don’t think more than one or two of the stories have historical names that are hard to pronounce. Hope you can find time to get on with your own book now. I know how tied up you’ve been with your mom being ill. Love and best wishes to you. Take care.<3

  13. Joy Pixley says:

    Downloaded, read, and reviewed on Amazon — nice collection, Millie!

    • milliethom says:

      Joy, what can I say other than a huge THANK YOU? It’s a lovely review. Despite how busy you are at work, and your own writing, you found the time to read and review my book! I appreciate that so much – and as you know, I’m waiting for your book to be published. You’ve already got me hooked into the world of Eneana. 😀

      • Joy Pixley says:

        Luckily, the crises at work have mostly resolved, so I’m back to “only” my normal level of stress. It gives me a little time to catch up on personal tasks, as well as a bit of my writing and reviewing — until the next crisis happens! I’m happy to do the review; I think it’s important for us writers to support each other however we can; it’s a harsh world out there. It will be a while before I have my own book out, but I’ll definitely let you know about it!

  14. Christy B says:

    Oh Millie, I’m sorry to have missed it. Just seeing the post now. But I see many have downloaded it and will be read ~ I’m wishing you many great reviews ahead ❤

    • milliethom says:

      Thanks for your kind wishes, Christy. I haven’t promoted this short book much at all (other than an odd tweet or two!) and thought I’d use the Amazon 5 free days. I just took 3 days for now and will try the other 2 in a few week’s time. Yes, we all know the importance of reviews, and I’ve just let this book sit there so far. I hope to review your book very soon. It’s getting close to the top of my TBR list. I have a backlog of review to write at present. ❤

  15. sameer199921 says:

    read your ebook ,it was fantastic keep it up!!!BIG THUMBS UP

    • milliethom says:

      Thank you, Sameer! I’m delighted you enjoyed the stories – and I do intend to publish another flash fiction book, once I’ve finished my trilogy. I already have quite a collection of stories but I still need a few more .:D

  16. That’s so great!
    All the best! 🙂

  17. Norma says:

    Wow! That’s cool Millie.:)
    I had purchased the copy earlier and have yet to read it. I’m sure it will be fantastic. And even though some have appeared here I know I’ll certainly enjoy reading it again and bonus point goes for the photos. 🙂

    • milliethom says:

      I hadn’t realised you’d already bought my little book, Norma, so a big thank you for that. ❤ I had noticed you've marked it as 'to read' on Goodreads, though. I imagine you're very busy and will get around to reading the books on your reading list, eventually. I'm in exactly the same position. My reading list gets longer by the week! Sometimes I feel like curling up and just reading for a few days. Fat chance of that. Lol 😀

      • Norma says:

        Welcome, and the pleasure is all mine to be able to read your book. I’m sure your book is going to be a cozy read 🙂 and so I’ve saved it for my busier days or a vacation, whichever happens first. But I guess it would be a vacation. 😉
        I guess you too are very busy Millie. Take care and wish you a good health. 🙂

      • milliethom says:

        Lovely to see you here, Norma. I post so little at the moment and seem to have lost touch with so many people I once talked to a lot. If you do get around to reading A dash of Flash, it shouldn’t take long. Most of the stories are very short – as you know from writing flash fiction yourself. About six are close to 1000 words and a few between 500-700 words.
        I hope you have a wonderful vacation, whenever it arrives. Take care of yourself, too! 🙂

      • Norma says:

        Thanks Millie.:) I’ll be going next week. I’m planning to take only kindle and no other book because that’s light and compact. I love to read everyday, no matter what, and I generally like to keep my reads light while traveling. I know I’ll enjoy them and I’m looking forward to reading it.
        Do take care of yourself too. 🙂

      • milliethom says:

        Have a fantastic holiday, Norma! I agree about taking books to read on holiday – or just when travelling. A Kindle is ideal for that. It isn’t so long since Nick and I used to pile up our suitcases with physical books to read. They’re so bulky and heavy. Now all I take is my Kindle.
        Come home nicely refreshed with lovely memories (and lots of photos) of wherever you’re going. 😀

      • Norma says:

        Yes, Millie. I would totally agree with you on that. 🙂

  18. As you know, I love short stories too and will check this out!! Congratulations Millie!

    • milliethom says:

      Thanks Cybele. Are you planning to publish some of your wonderful stories as a single book? I know you post individual stories in various places online, but a whole book of your works would be fantastic. A Dash of Flash is a wide mix of all kinds of stories, and I can only hope that some – if not most – of them will appeal to people. Few readers out there know what flash fiction is about, so it’s a difficult book to promote and market.

    • milliethom says:

      Cybele, no need to feel guilty in a late reply to me. I’m the world’s worst at times. I know I owe your blog a visit and will be doing that asap.

    • milliethom says:

      Thank you! A Dash of Flash was free on Amazon July 14-16. It isn’t a permanently free book, I’m afraid, but it is available free on Kindle Unlimited. Thanks for visiting.

  19. DG MARYOGA says:

    I was the first I bought it;remember?You’re a great writer!Your “Shadow of the Raven” is compelling,now I’m looking forward to reading your Pit of Vipers (Sons of Kings).Kudos,dear friend Millie!

    • milliethom says:

      I do remember you bought A Dash of Flash, and I can only hope you enjoyed at least some of the little stories. I really love writing flash fiction, but like all my blog posts, it’s ‘on hold’ for a while. I’m so glad you enjoyed Shadow! 😀

  20. DG MARYOGA says:

    Arriving Sep 6 – Sep 26 …. 🙂 xxx

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