That Goddam Portal – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

Flash Fiction for for Aspiring Writers is a writing challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. It asks us to write a piece of fiction from the photo prompt provided in around 100-150 words – give or take 25 words. It encourages us to comment, constructively, on other entries, so supporting each other’s writing. If you’d like to join in with this challenge, follow the above link to see what to do. The challenge runs from Tuesday to Tuesday every week.

I must apologise for my late entry this week, PJ. (I’ve been very busy eating my Easter eggs. 😀 )

This is the prompt, kindly provided by Uday on his blog, Udayology.


. . . and this is my story:

That Goddam Portal

‘Two minutes, guys, and yer butts are through that goddam portal!’

Sam Blake surveyed his white-faced crew. ‘If y’ain’t quick enough, yer’ ll be left to face them mean critters following us.’

Billy Briggs, the newest and smallest crewman, glanced at his nodding mates: fifteen of them, all desperate to leave this hostile world. The thought of staying here was too terrible to contemplate.

‘Quit that pushin’ and a shovin’, Billy,’ Commander Blake hissed. ‘No one moves till I give the signal.’

The loud whistle sent the group hurtling for the circular doors. Unaccustomed to the procedure, Billy was thrust aside, only managing to stumble to the portal as it swung shut in his face. He turned, horror-struck at the words he heard:

‘Thought yer’d run off with them skiving kids, did yer m’ lad? There’s yer bedroom ter clean, and yer pa wants ‘is car washin’.  Get back t’ yer chores . . .  Now!’

Billy silently cursed. Next time, he’d be first through that goddam portal!


Word Count: 169

If you’d like to read other entries, or add a story yourself, click on the little blue frog:

21 thoughts on “That Goddam Portal – Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

  1. The imagination of kids is just awesome! Love their imaginative play, Millie. This is great! Poor Billy’s got caught by his mom to stay and clean. Hahaha! Great story, as always! I hope you had a wonderful Easter and snacking on those lovely eggs. 😀

    1. Thanks, Pj. I had the story ready to post by Sunday – still late, I know – but I wanted to put my Easter egg post up yesterday, and I don’t like to post more than once a day! I hope you had a great Eater break, too. 🙂

    1. Hi again, Joy. I hoped- the first part at least – sounded remotely like an American accent. I always associate films about space and other worlds/planets with American accents. If it didn’t sound that way, I need to practice! Lol.
      Thanks, Joy. I know this is very different to my usual stories. I thought I’d go for a change of style this time. 😀

    1. Thanks, Sonya. Long time-no see! I can see you’re doing really well with your blog (and writing a book during NaNo?). Your new challenge looks interesting, too – but as you see, I do very few of the FF challenges at the moment. Later this year, I’ll probably give it a go. I’ve not been on my blog much since New Year, and really miss it when I leave it for weeks on end. Keep well. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Ali. I couldn’t think of anything sensible to go with this prompt. Everything I considered was a bit wappy. This was the best of the bunch. 🙂

    1. I think all parents need a portal – far more so than the kids. We need a place where we can disappear for a while in order to tear our hair out or have a good scream. Then we could emerge, feeling so much better. Lol Thank you, Jean, for understanding. 😀

  2. Haha, sounds very familiar. Caught out before Billy could run out.
    Something different: My son discovered the Vikings and their doings last week. I told him about your books and all your digging into the history of that time in England. He enjoys all those struggles and fighting those tribes had between themselves and with others. He never had history during his school years; this is a totally new world to him!

  3. oh my gosh 😛 hahaha!
    btw…my arm is broke and i’m on #5 of a 6 series piece. i’m approaching #2 of yours but will read #1 again first.

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