Quotes Challenge – Day 1


I am happy to have once again been nominated to take part in the Quotes Challenge, this time by fellow blogger amommasview over there in Australia. Momma’s posts are always informative and thought-provoking, on topics as varied as health and fitness, kids and homeschooling and environmental issues – plus many more. It was Past Present and Future that Momma chose to do for her Quotes Challenge and for my three quotes I’ve decided to look at the theme of Friends and Friendship – something we all need in our lives.

One of my favourite friendship quotes is believed to come from William Shakespeare in a collection of poems called The Passionate Pilgrim. It isn’t one of the three quotes I’ve picked for the challenge because I’ve decided to write it here as a sort of introduction to the friendship theme instead. I believe that friendship is very important, and good friends can really enrich the quality of our daily lives. Well, this is Shakespeare’s quote:

“Words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find.”

I don’t doubt the saying is true. We can all make ‘fairweather’ friends throughout our lives – those who are happy to be with us when the going is good. But when things get tough…? That’s when we find out who our real frends are.

And on that note here is my Friendship Quote for Day One:

Len Wein Quote

The rules are simple:

  1. Post three different quotes on consecutive days. They can be from any source, or your own.  All three quotes can be of a similar theme (as I have chosen Friendship) or can all be completely different/unconnected.
  2. Nominate 3 people for the challenge. I have chosen to nominate 3 different people each day – making a total of 9 – but some people just nominate 3 altogether. It’s up to you.

So these are the first three nominees:

Daniela at My Gorgeous Recipes

Imran Ali at Shake Your Conscience

J.C. Wolfe at The Wolfe’s (Writing) Den


27 thoughts on “Quotes Challenge – Day 1

    1. Thank you, Momma! I’m just sorry I’ve taken so long to do the challenge. I’ve been on the verge of having a blogging break, you see, so I could get on with my book. I’ve put the break on hold now until after Christmas. Thank you again for the nomination.

    1. Thanks., Ineke. I’ve decided to have more of a blogging break early in the new year, although even then, I plan to do a few post about all the places we’ve visited this year. I have lots just ready to go, but this month wouldn’t be a good time for them. I have a few ‘Christmassy’ posts to do, anyway.
      I hope you sorted out what you’re doing about your job and – you’re happy with it, of course. Take care. Millie.

      1. Good to hear that you are going to do a bit of blogging still. I sorted the job thing. It is not hard work at all. I don’t need to do any preparation etc. At the moment the children have an hours swimming which is good. I enjoy being busy like this. My writing is coming second at the moment. I nearly finished my short story. Still a few changes and then I’ll hand it in on the 9th. I don’t think longer pieces of writing is my cup of tea. (I think the English is holding me back!) Flash Fiction is more my line. Enjoy your weekend and keep well. Ineke

  1. Thanks very much for nominating me, Millie! I’d love to participate! I’ll try to post something for this challenge next week. 😉

    Great choice of theme, by the way! Love the quote for this post! 🙂

  2. Great response to the Quote challenge,dear Millie!If you rember,I had also adopted Shakespeare’s quote on friendship,in my recent post.It’s so strong and true ““Words are easy, like the wind; faithful friends are hard to find.”.The Len Wein quote on your storytelling image says it all.It’s the moment when we see our real real friends … Happy Saturday,my friend 🙂 xxx

    1. Oh, I knew I’d read the Shakespeare quote somewhere recently. if I had remembered whose post it was, I would have mentioned you. Now I’m kicking myself. Your post had left it in my head and I thought of it as I chose my topic for the challenge. It fitted nicely into my introduction.
      The Len Wein quote is such a true one, too. Thank you for your kind words, Doda. I really appreciate them. 🙂

      1. It’s a quote widely used,you might have seen it in other posts as well apart from my own.I love it,dear Millie!And many thanks for your generous response 🙂 xxx

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