Forgive me

Here is my second contribution to Ermilia’s Picture It And Write Challenge. This is a weekly writing challenge, posted every Sunday, by the author of Emiliablog. The challenge asks that we write a paragraph of fiction, or a poem, in response to the photoprompt given.

Here is the photo prompt for this week . . .


… and here is my response to it:

It was not a night for driving, especially with the atmosphere in the Lexus like ice. Stephanie just sat there, her eyes following the sweep of the windscreen wipers as he told her about Marcelle.

He had desperately wanted her forgiveness, her understanding. It had been a one-night stand after all, not some long-lasting affair! A few too many drinks with the lads, some licentious talk.  Then those girls had come in, all short skirts and plunging necklines . . .

‘But I love you,’ Jonathan stressed, catching the glint of her tears in the headlights of oncoming cars. Her continued silence, combined with the frenzied sweeping of the wipers, was fraying his nerves. As they neared the junction with the busy road, the winking indicator displayed his intention to turn right. At a slight break in the traffic, he pulled out.

He didn’t notice Stephanie unclipping her seat belt, or reaching for the door. The first thing he knew, she had flung herself out. A passing car hit her . . .

‘Forgive me,’ he sobbed as the paramedics headed towards them in the glare of overhead lights.

‘And . . . cut.’ The director’s voice boomed across the set. ‘Take twenty. Then we roll on the scene in the morgue.’

15 thoughts on “Forgive me

    1. Thank you, Tony! The writing challenges are fun, although I’m feeling really guilty about spending time on them instead of my book. As a writer yourself, I’m sure you know what I mean! They are good practice in being concise, And quite addictive, too. I’ll just have to do a few more . . . Haha.

    1. WOW, Ashley, I’m really WOWED by your compliment. I think I might have it enlarged and framed! Hahaha. I’m so glad I get your posts in my email, too. They always pack such a punch! Have a great day.

    1. Wow, Gifford. I’m glad you liked the twist. It was the only way I could think of to make the story a bit different. Thank you so much for your kind compliment.

    1. I’m glad you liked the story, Tink, particularly the ending. It was intended to ‘lighten up’ the melodrama, as you have said. Thank you for your kind words.

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