Three Quotes Challenge – Day 1


I’ve  been nominated again for the Three Quotes Challenge, this time by Nitin Chandran Nair on his blog, Nitin Nair Writes. Thank you Nitin! I know Nitin mostly through the flash fiction challenges, even though I have time for very few of those nowadays. Unfortunately.

So . . . here are the RULES for this one:

1. Post on three consecutive days

2. Pick one or three quotes per day

3. Challenge three different bloggers per day

4. Thank the blogger who nominated you.

For this challenge I’ve decided to post three quotes a day, each day on a different topic.

For Day One I’ve chosen to do quotes about Books and Reading. Books have featured hugely in my life as far back as I can remember (and my memory goes back as  far as the early 1950s). My father was a big reader and introduced us – myself, my sister and brother – to the joys of the library from a very young age.  A day never goes by when I don’t read at least a few pages.

shutterstock image The joy of reading

There are so many good quotes about, I was stuck for choice, but I eventually settled on the following three:

Reading Quote 1 (2)

Reading Quote 3 (2)

Reading Quote 3 (3)

I can relate to all three of these quotes . . .

The first one happens to me a lot. Characters are so important in a story; we become engrossed in their stories, their ups and downs, their loves and hates  . . .  As we read on, we begin to feel as though we know them personally. Is it any surprise that when the book ends, we feel as though we’ve lost a friend (or two?).

As for the second quote . . . all I can say is that I daren’t walk into Waterstones, or any other bookstore, if I’m in a hurry. How could anyone resist browsing the shelves for several wonderful hours . . .  or spending a lot of money?

I find the third quote the most thought-provoking of the three. To me, reading brings ‘enlightenment’ – by which I mean a better understanding of people and the world in which we live. Whether the story is set in the past or the present, human nature is revealed in a way that we can relate to in one way or another. Understanding of so much is closed to anyone denied of books.

I would love to hear other people’s views on any of these quotes. I know that plenty of you share my love of books and reading.

There are my three nominees for today:

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