Country Boy – FFFAW

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a writing challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. It involves writing a piece of fiction from a given photo prompt in 100-150 words, give or  take 25. If you’d like to join in with the challenge, follow the above link to see what to do. The challenge runs from Tuesday – Tuesday every week.

Here’s this week’s prompt, kindly provided by Singledust. Thank you, Gina.


And this is my story – very late this week:

 Country Boy

Suyin scurried past the Red Dragon, the festive lanterns belying the sordidness inside. She prayed Jianyu wouldn’t see her amidst the crowds: with luck he’d be fawning over the drug lords, whose money had made him rich. His second restaurant would open next month.

‘Not bad for a country boy,’ he’d boasted, so many times.

They’d saved for years to make Jianyu’s dream come true. How happy they’d been running the restaurant … until those men had walked in. Drug dealing had changed the man Suyin had once loved; the bruises he dealt were increasingly hard to hide.

Suyin hurried on to catch her train. By tomorrow she’d be miles away, where Jianyu would never find her. Her backpack contained clothes and other essentials – as well as a bag filled with her wages from the part-time job she’d held for the last three years. She had no particular destination in mind, other than somewhere out west, deep in the country…

Far away from the country boy in the city.

Word Count: 170


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13 thoughts on “Country Boy – FFFAW

  1. Great last line, Millie! Really drives home the idea of how much he changed from the man she first loved, and how she wants to escape back to that earlier innocence and happiness. Nicely done.

  2. oh I love how you used the the country to give a sense of peace and safety away from the city. Even if he was a tough guy he could have been softer with her. I know she will find a place out in the country. MT – you always write the most delicate story.

    1. I suppose Agatha Christie, and her character Miss Marple, would tell us that many crimes happen in the country villages. Then there’s Midsomer Murders… It’s a wonder there’s anyone alive in villages in Oxfordshire and thereabouts. It’s nice and quiet, though. 😀

    1. Thanks Iain. I was hard pushed to find time to write a story this week and I admire that you fit in so many challenges every week. Best of luck with your short story book!

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