Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3

shutterstock_153770255I’ve been nominated by my favourite travel blog thesnowmeltssomewhere to take part in the Three Quotes Challenge. circulating at the moment. The Snow Melts Somewhere is a great blog for anyone who likes to see photos and read about beautiful places around the world and her blog is well worth following.

The quotes can be on any subject and could be a different theme on each of the three days if you wish. The ‘golden whisk’ referred to is only figurative, but I’ve added my own little image (even though it isn’t exactly golden) courtesy of Pixabay.

The challenge:

Post a quote for 3 consecutive days.


~ Thank the person who nominated you

~ Pass the “golden whisk” on to 3 people


I decided to do all three quotes of my quotes about writing because there are so many that I like.  This is my third one:

rabbit quote

I suppose I just find this one funny as well as being very true

These are my three lovely nominees:

Norma at Emovere

Suganiya at Infinite Passion

Jack R. Cotner

30 thoughts on “Three Quotes Challenge – Day 3

    1. Hi Suganiya. If you decide to do the challenge, it’s three quotes, over three days. Hope you manage to do it …. there are lots of good quotes about, on all sorts of topics. 🙂

      1. I’ll look forward to reading them, as soon as I get a spare moment. (I’m away from home all this week, you see.) These challenges seem to have a habit of cropping up at the wrong times! 🙂

      1. Thought you might have. Have heard the farmer shooting recently and there are less in the garden. Sad, but maybe better if it thins them out and they don’t all have to suffer with Mxymatosis.

    1. Just stash them away for a later date. Don’t let them flutter away and be forgotten. You never know when they might come in handy. Thank you, Norma. 🙂

  1. True! Ever since I started blogging, for example, I’ve had more and more ideas for blog posts and it’s also inspired me to dive deeper into photography. My artistic side had been dormant for a while, but now it’s reawakened!

    1. I’m pleased to hear all that. I struggled for blog ideas when I started, but things keep turning up and ideas flood in. Your photographs are excellent, anyway.

      1. I really enjoy your stories, too! I can see that you’re a pro. Some of your stories are a bit sad though. Or dramatic. Though that type of stories tend to be very captivating, too. You want to know what happens next! Hope your holiday in Wales went well!

      2. We’ve had a lovely time and we’re feeling all “castled out” now. We should be home sometime on Sunday. As for sad stories, I do try to add a happy one now and then. Hehe. 🙂

  2. Oh, I love bunnies.

    But I would have expected something like–Ideas are like grapes. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a bunch–from John Steinbeck.

      1. … your writing style must be too–of course, only don’t read any books on the craft of writing because you too will be excoriated (excommunicated too, if you happen to have a religious affiliation or a valid driver’s license).

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