Readers Matter

I stumbled across this great post on Tricia Drammeh’s blog today. It was not a blog I had formerly followed, and I was impressed by the way Tricia had put across this important point: that of the importance of reviews to writers. Positive reviews are revered as gold dust by writers, as they can really help to get the book noticed and convince other readers that it is worth reading. Tricia Drummeh is an experienced author, with several Young Adult and Contemporary novels to her name – so she knows what she is talking about!  

All I Have to Say

We’re all busy, especially this time of the year. It seems we barely have enough time to pick up a book for a few minutes before we go to sleep each night, much less time to write a review once we’ve finished reading. Unless you’re an avid reader who is dedicated to keeping track of every book you’ve ever read, you probably don’t bother with reviews. Books gets hundreds of reviews, so yours doesn’t really matter, right?


Your review is essential. Unless an author is a famous best-seller, chances are their books could use a little love. A little attention. And YOUR review.

There are so many reasons why reviews are important. Reviews help other readers decide whether or not to purchase a book. They let an author know if they are resonating with readers, and what they’re doing right – or wrong. Reviews help a book get noticed…

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6 thoughts on “Readers Matter

  1. Makes me want to read more and review more. I actually have a separate blog just for reading and reviews that I’ve neglected lately. I need to get back into it!

    1. Hi Shane. I’m sorry I’m late replying to this but I’ve been up in York all day. You sound just like me about loving reading! But I imagine that, like me, you spend so much time writing that your reading time is very limited. I only review books I read for my Goodreads groups now, and enjoy doing that. I’m sure if you reopen your ‘other’ blog there will be plenty of books out there to review. People do like to read them, too.

  2. This makes one think. Although I am not to this point yet (my book is still being edited) I should probably be paying it forward and doing some reviews of other writers. Thanks for the reminder.

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