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Get It Up Front!

This was me – or, perhaps, just a semblance of me – yesterday. I actually finished writing the second book of my Viking trilogy, Sons of Kings. I wrote the last sentence with a feeling akin to euphoria, as I’d been … Continue reading

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The Pursuit of Happiness is a wonderfully varied blog with many pages covering different of topics. JF is a keen photographer and most of his posts give us examples of his work. His Home page, in particular, presents lots of … Continue reading

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Santa #4270

I’ve been following Elan’s blog for a while now and really enjoy his work. His is a blog for lovers of stories – anything from general and short stories, flash fiction and ghost stories. He also writes poetry. His writing … Continue reading

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The Horrors of the Blood Eagle.

This incredible hazard sign was shared on Facebook on November 11th by The Heathen Mead Hall. It was one of my daughters who drew my attention to it. I don’t know where the sign came from, or who made it, … Continue reading

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One Lovely Blog Award

I have beeen nominated by the wonderful Elsa Holland for the One Lovely Blog Award. I am truly honoured by this. It’s quite amazing to know that my five-month-old blog is not a total disaster. Yet. Thank you so much, … Continue reading

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Why Do Writers Write?

This probably sounds like a silly question, considering we could ask the same thing of people in all walks of life. Naturally I have my own reasons for wanting to write and I’ve come across other writers’ answers during TV … Continue reading

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A Dream of Flight

Dreams about flying seem to be quite common. Perhaps it’s the fact that we humans simply can’t do it without the use of an aeroplane that causes them. We simply envy the birds, and in our dreams we allow our … Continue reading

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The Value Of A Good Editor

Once I’d finished writing my first book, and revised and edited it to death, I was in two minds whether or not to send it to a professional editor. Would it be at all beneficial? On the one hand, I … Continue reading

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A Viking sacrifice to Odin

Norse mythology tells us that blood sacrifices to placate the gods took place at the key times of year – spring, summer, autumn and mid winter. Some archaeological and documented evidence also supports this. Blood sacfrifices were known as ‘blots’ … Continue reading

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A Penny For The Guy . . .

Remember, remember, the fifth of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot. This well known rhyme has been sung in Britain by generations of children as November 5th approached. It is … Continue reading

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