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Forsooth, Sir, Canst Thou Not Speak More Plainly?

The style of language to adopt when writing historical fiction is a topic that keeps authors continuously arguing. Readers, too, have their own strong opinions as to whether a novel’s language is suited to the period in question. The main … Continue reading

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The City of York – a gem of a place for historical fiction writers

Last Tuesday, my husband and I had a trip out to the wonderful old city of York. We’re regular visitors to the city itself, which is roughly eighty miles from where we live, but on this occasion our main purpose … Continue reading

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Vikings! Who Were They – And How Did They Get That Name, Anyway?

The definition of the word ‘Viking’ in the Oxford Dictionaries is as follows: ‘Any of the Scandinavian seafaring pirates who raided and settled in many parts of North West Europe in the 8th and 9th centuries.’ According to many films, … Continue reading

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A dalliance with fantasy

  When night’s dark shadows bow deference to the burgeoning dawn, the dreams will come. She can no more prevent them coming than she can stop the sands of Time from flowing. It has always been thus, since the Beginning.  … Continue reading

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